Elm is a functional language for front end web applications developed by Evan Czaplicki and released in 2012. It’s a compelling offering for developers and clients alike. For developers it offers what we think of as a “gamified” approach to programming where the Elm compiler errors checks applications as you write, telling you where you’ve gone wrong and offering suggestions on how to fix any bugs introduced as you work. When your app successfully compiles you’re guaranteed no errors in production.

For the moment, it compiles down to highly optimized javascript that can run in any browser. Elm produces very performant user interfaces in which we and others have never seen a single runtime error.

Elm is in use by companies like NoRedInk – where its creator is employed, Microsoft and Pivotal.

We will often reach for Elm in situations where we want sprinkles of interactive behavior within a server-rendered Rails or Elixir application.