Solutions that advance and delight our customers and their users

Our primary service is making life easier and more delightful for our clients and their users. We’ve been doing that for years and it’s why clients have stuck with us through Ruby on Rails’ infancy right through to the modern web.

As a small shop we keep our toolchain tightly focused on best-in-class tools that are both powerful and productive. Some technologies have compelling advantages in some scenarios so we are polyglots.



We deliver best-in-class applications that make your web better for you and your users

User interface design

We design delightful web sites and user interfaces that communicate clearly and are intuitive from the first click


Is your application is dusty with neglect? We can shine it up like and getting running like new

Code review

Not sure what’s going on under the hood? We can help you know what shape your application is in

Responsive design

We can take the pain out of getting your project working and looking great on all devices


We can review your project and get it working great for users with varying sensory and cognitive abilities


Ruby and Rails

Ruby on Rails is a powerful framework for server-side web applications. We’ve been working with Rails from close to the beginning.


Ember.js is a javascript “framework for ambitious applications”. It provides a phenomenal experience for developers and users.


Sometimes a Wordpress site is all that you need and want. We do Wordpress development, and can design and build themes from scratch, or customize an existing theme for your project. Because of our over ten years of experience with best-in-class tech like Ruby on Rails, you get all of advanced knowledge of best practices in web development applied to your WordPress site.


React is a brilliant little javascript rendering library. We will often use it to add easily maintainable interactive behavior to server-rendered Rails and Elixir applications.


Elm is a language that compiles to highly performant javascript guaranteed to be free of runtime errors. We use Elm for interactivity in Rails and Elixir applications.


Vue is a view library that works beautifully with server-rendered pages. It can add very manageable interactive behavior to pages.

Elixir and Phoenix

Elixir is a highly performant functional programming server-side language that’s phenomenal for real-time applications. When real-time or throughput are key, we look to Elixir.

What’s next?

We keep our eyes open and our ears to the ground. For the moment we believe that the techologies we use are the best-in-class tools avaiable for ourselves and our clients.

Not 100% sure what any of this technical mumbo jumbo means? That’s okay. Most of our clients don’t sweat the technical details, they just love the results and the fact that our projects are easily maintainable and extensible, and it’s why they stick with us for years. We’d be happy to talk and learn more about your needs, and find out how our services can help.