Your application needs regular dusting

Think of your web application as a living, breathing thing that needs regular maintenance and love. If you had a developer build an application for you years ago and it has remained untouched and unloved for years, you are not in great shape.

Applications become insecure and unmaintainable

Security vulnerabilities in open source libraries crop up on a regular basis, servers need regular security updates and the underlying software that your application is written with becomes unmaintained eventually – this means no more bug fixes or security patches.

The web is ever changing, how about your application?

Older applications often may not be taking advantage of recent developments in web technology – is your site running on HTTPS? Are you using a content delivery network? Are your assets stored on your server or in the cloud? Is your Ruby application using slower older version of Ruby and Rails? Are you assets bundled? Is it increasingly difficult to add new features? Does your site look terrible on mobile devices? Is it accessible to users with visual impairments? Does your application have the interactivity that users have come to expect? There are so many considerations – many of which are more recent developments in web technology – that your users may be frustrated if your application has not kept up with emerging trends and expectations.

We can give our application the love that it needs

We have experience with Ruby on Rails from pretty close to day one and have applications still in production that we’ve upgraded from those earlier days right up to the latest greatest release. We’ve also taken on maintenance, upgrade and new feature development for legacy applications and sites when the original developer or team is no longer available.