As developers started to realize that the web was a great platform for building richly interactive web applications that would have only previously been possible in desktop applications, javascript took on a newfound significance. And as applications such as Rails started to become bloated with makeshift javascript “spaghetti code” it became apparent that the same best practice techniques used in frameworks such Ruby on Rails needed to have counterparts in javascript as well.

Ember.js scratched that itch in brilliant fashion. Ember was created by Yehuda Katz who, prior to Ember, had emerged as a leading light in the Ruby community, as well as Tom Dale a former Apple developer. Ember brought the model-view-controller organizational principles over from Rails into the javascript world. Ember is not the most popular framework, competing over the years against corporate offerings Angular and React from Google and Facebook, respectively, but Ember has some very compelling advantages that make it our top choice for client-side interactive javascript applications that speak to a server-side Ruby on Rails or Elixir application.

Ember is being used and developed by companies such as Netflix, LinkedIn, Skylight, Microsoft, Intercom, Heroku, Square, Zendesk, Blue Apron, Kickstarter, TED, Groupon, and countless others. With a top-notch community, first-rate documentation and an incredible wealth of open source libraries, we feel strongly that Ember.js is the top tool in its class and we love developing with it.