Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a powerful framework for building server-side web applications. It was originally written by David Heinemeier Hansson as an extraction of the Basecamp project management sofware he was developing at 37 Signals and released in 2005. It was written in the object-oriented Ruby language developed ten years ealier by Yukihiro Matsumoto (“Matz”).

Rails helped bring into focus many intriguing concepts for computer science and web application development incliding ‘Convention over Configuration’, ‘Don’t Repeat Yourself’ and others. At the time that Rails came out, Ruby was an obscure language in North America but Rails brought it into the forefront. Today Ruby and Rails are continuing to evolve to meet the demands of modern web applications and are our top choice for quickly building powerful, stable, maintainable, and well-tested projects.

Rails has been used by notable companies such as Basecamp, Groupon, Twitter, the New York Times, Scribd, Hulu, Netflix, Air BnB, Kickstarter, Shopify, Square, Twitch. There’s a massive wealth of open source libraries, a great community, so when we provide Rails development as a service – and we think this rings particular true for Ember.js as well – we’re “standing on the shoulders of giants”.

We’ve been working with Rails from close to the beginning and have been maintaining client projects for years – migrating from early versions straight up to the latest greatest that Rails has to offer.