Projects big and small

From modest web sites to powerful outsized applications, we have a wealth of experience, we have been developing greenfield applications starting from the early days of Ruby on Rails. We’re still developing application in Ruby on Rails and have expanded our scope to include recent developments such as Ember, Elm, Elixir and React.

A broad pallette of experience and skills

Our varied client work has given us a broad pallette of experience. From niche publishing work we have experience integrating with Onix, Booknet, Vital Source, Cantook/DeMarqe, Canada Post, Stripe, Brightspace, and Zoho. Through clients such as Jon Eakes, WebTogether MusicFloss we have worked with audio/video techology such as ffmpeg, zip, audio and video players. We have experience with PDF generation, ecommerce, real time communication, SMS, and much more.

Best-in-class maintainable applications

We develop best in class applications that are easily maintained and upgraded for years to come and can scale with you. Unlike some web development agencies that delight in crafting overly complex “magic” code that can become virtually unmaintainable the minute the developers put it down, we believe in keeping things as clear and simple as possible – building in only the complexity needed to get the project running at its best. We generally have longstanding relationships with clients, helping them build and grow their project over the course of years, so it’s very important that the codebases are clean and easily maintained.

Test coverage and test-driven development

We believe strongly in the power of automated test coverage. By ensuring we have a robust automated test suite in place on your project, we are able to continue developing and maintaining your application with a confidence that we have not broken anything.

Always learning

We keep our eyes and ears open to trends in web engineering and are confident that our choices provide a perfect mix of power, efficiency, security, and maintainability. By attending conferences such as RailsConf, ElixirConf, EmberConf, EmberFest and staying on top of social media, newsletters and publications in our field we stay abreast of trends and update our practice judiciously and accordingly as new technologies and practices emerge.

We strive to exceed expectations

We’ll listen carefully to your goals and build the project that you and your users need and want. Nothing more, nothing less. Having great ongoing relationships with our clients is important to us. Seeing their projects succeed and grow is a great feeling. Exceeding your expectations from the outset will always be our goal.