Canadian Scholars Exam Copy Spreadsheet project

An internal spreadhseet-style tool for managing incoming book requests

In February 2014, we released a Ruby on Rails web application built for Toronto publisher Canadian Scholars’ Press. The site has features that provide various workflow solutions, such as routing of book requests and contact requests to the appropriate sales rep – based on academic institution, province or country.

That solution paved the way for a recent iteration of sites features which automated book request fulfilment.

That, in turn, led to an Ember.js application that allows the company to use their already automated book request web features to handle an Excel-style spreadsheet that allows management and tracking of book requests in a variety of formats, by date range, and market.




Ruby on Rails, Ember.js

What We Did

Ember.js and Ruby on Rails development

Gordon is amazing to work with. He is always incredibly prompt in responding to queries both during development and after the site launched; he makes sure everyone is clear on exactly what is needed at each stage of development; he is patient, professional, and extremely helpful. Best of all, Gordon is a brilliant website developer and he did truly outstanding work for us. The websites he developed for our publishing business are friendly, beautifully designed, and they do it all, from customization of books and secure book previews through to sales of books, ebooks and ebook chapters. These are the best publisher websites I have ever seen, period.
Andrew Wayne, President, Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc., Toronto, Ontario

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