Grasp project

The Group Response and Ambient Student Participation System

Grasp allows instructors and students to collaborate on group work in real time. After an instructor has created a session, students can sign in and create or join groups. Once in a group, students can progress through questions, asking the instructor for help as needed. When help is requested, instructors can see students screens flashing in the room, and an indication on their own dashboard. Instructors can monitor all groups as they progress through the session.

This application makes heavy use of Phoenix's innovative real time "channels" technology to keep everyone up to date via instant push notifications.

Thanks to Cordova and the beautiful "write once, run anywhere" style of development that Ember offers, we are able to develop and deploy this simultaneously for iOS, Android and web application.


iOS, Android, Mobile Web


Elixir, Ember.js

What We Did

Ember and Phoenix development

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