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A Brightspace application that makes course content a breeze for professors and students

Scholars OneClick is an LMS application, written in Elm and Ruby on Rails, that allows Canadian Scholars to deliver coursepacks, books, and other content seamlessly into university LMS systems such as Brightspace. It’s backed by an admin application written in Ember.

Scholars OneClick makes content creation a breeze for the Canadian Scholars team, and more importantly, makes inserting content – as the name implies – as easy as one click.

After an initial launch with Brightspace, plans are to expand to other learning management systems such as Blackboard.

With other more complicated and less-user friendly systems users must launch from Brightspace into a wholly other application – it gets confusing and frustrating. With Scholars OneClick, instructors and students have easy access directly from their Brightspace course module to individual content items either hosted by Canadian Scholars, or third-party content from content providers such as Vital Source.

The Canadian Scholars team was thrilled with our solution and we’re excited to continue working with them on making what is already a great product even better.




Ruby on Rails, Elm, Ember.js

What We Did

We handled design, planning. devops and application development for the Ember support site, Ember admin control panel. and the main Brightspace Elm/Rails application. We reviewed for accessibility using VoiceOver and JAWS, and ensured that the site was looking good on all device sizes. We handled integration LTI and CIM integration between Brightspace and our application, as well as integration with Vital Source.

Gordon is amazing to work with. He is always incredibly prompt in responding to queries both during development and after the site launched; he makes sure everyone is clear on exactly what is needed at each stage of development; he is patient, professional, and extremely helpful. Best of all, Gordon is a brilliant website developer and he did truly outstanding work for us. The websites he developed for our publishing business are friendly, beautifully designed, and they do it all, from customization of books and secure book previews through to sales of books, ebooks and ebook chapters. These are the best publisher websites I have ever seen, period.
Andrew Wayne, President, Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc., Toronto, Ontario

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