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Jon’s existing website had been patched together over many years and was getting a bit difficult to maintain and update. He wanted to add extensive new features, like an extensive video section (Learning Curve), comments, better ways of searching the existing content, a contact section and more. We revamped the existing design and rebuilt the code from scratch.




Ruby on Rails

What We Did

Server Setup & Deploy, extensive new features, custom-build content management system, rebuilt site, data migration.

I finally have the ability to instantly change and update things on my own very complex web site without messing up all the code or waiting weeks for a web company to get around to it. Gordon Isnor has not only built for me an incredibly efficient site (approaching 2,000 pages, almost 200 radio shows and over 100 videos with seven search functions) -- he has built for me an efficient administrative program for dummies. I don't mind paying for programming when I don't have to pay (or wait) for daily maintenance.
Jon Eakes

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